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When it comes to the real estate industry, Wendy Thomson lives and breathes commercial property. While Wendy is passionate about commercial real estate, her other passion is sharing her extensive industry knowledge and experience through her unique WendyWho? training events. Behind every WendyWho? training event is a solid commitment to improving the level of professionalism in the commercial real estate industry, and enabling agents to consistently deliver positive outcomes for their clients.


Respected as one of the leaders in this competitive and specialised field of real estate, Wendy owns and operates an agency that boasts an extensive and diverse client base, and is dedicated to commercial property sales, development projects, leasing and property management. Over many years, Wendy has developed an impeccable standard in business systems and practices, which she now shares with other professionals through her specially designed industry-focused training events.

Originally from a regional area but now based in Melbourne, Wendy has a thorough understanding of both regional and city culture and demographics, as well as the unique specific needs of businesses in both metropolitan and regional locations. This depth of understanding ensures that WendyWho? training ‘speaks’ to all training clients regardless of where they operate their business.


Wendy is a highly skilled professional renowned for being up to date with the latest industry changes and engages with her training clients in a frank and easy-to-understand manner, demystifying industry legal requirements, and sharing real-life scenarios encouraging outside-the-square thinking that delivers innovative solutions to the daily challenges of an agile, client-focused commercial property industry.

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‘Wendy knows her Commercial Real Estate, her years of experience and insights just made my life so much easier, she's worth talking to.’

Leanne G - Melbourne