About WendyWho?

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  • Real Estate Industry Professionals

WendyWho? training and mentoring services assist industry professionals to hone their commercial property sales, leasing, management and lease administration skills enabling them to deliver a quality service for their clients, while simultaneously improving their overall performance and prospects for career progression.


  • Real Estate Agencies

Many residential real estate agencies are expanding their businesses to include commercial property sales, leasing and management. WendyWho? frequently assists these agencies to understand and adapt their businesses to the unique demands of the commercial property industry, enabling them hit the ground running when they embark on their new venture.

  • Associated Industry Professionals

The WendyWho? client base has grown to include professionals from related industries with an interest in commercial real estate. Small businesses, including accounting, business advice and coaching, and financial advice firms, frequently service clients with commercial portfolios. WendyWho? is able to provide these businesses with tailored up-to-the-minute industry advice enabling them to deliver superior investment, financial and business solutions for their clients.