2020 WendyWho? One Day Workshops

for Commercial Property Personnel

TOPIC –  Commercial Lease Preparation Essentials


Learn how to prepare a commercial retail or non-retail lease subject to Victorian legislation. Covers all aspects of the commercial lease preparation process from initial lease terms negotiation to the completion and execution of required documentation, how to avoid critical errors, and the impact of recent legislative changes and legal precedents on commercial leasing.

This workshop is for:

  • Commercial property managers wanting to refresh or expand their knowledge of commercial property management.

  • Residential property managers who manage commercial property or are considering a move into this field.

  • Investors and financial advisers working with commercial property.

This workshop covers:

  • types of commercial leases

  • completing due diligence on key information to complete a commercial lease

  • letters of offer/heads of agreement to lease

  • instructing solicitors for lease preparation

  • avoiding critical errors in lease preparation and instruction

  • signing and execution of lease documentation

  • recent legislative changes and legal precedents

TOPIC –  Commercial Property Sales, Leasing and Property Management Minimising Risk to Build Your Business Income


This session will cover best practice and risk minimisation in listing for commercial sales, leasing and property management along with updates on recent legal precedents, knowledge gaps, documentation and industry practices.


Will answer the question “Why it is critical to understand which type commercial property or tenant is legislated by the Retail Leases Act 2003 and the associated potential legal risks in sales, leasing and property management.”


A refresher on key fundamentals for those already working in the commercial agency or new knowledge for those who wish to move into commercial property.

TOPIC – How to build a commercial rent roll and commercial sales business

This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • First steps to building a commercial sales & leasing business

  • Understanding the differences between residential and commercial practice

  • Definition: What is a commercial property?

  • Challenges in dealing with commercial property

  • Purchasing a commercial rent roll – risks vs. benefits

  • How to achieve organic growth of your commercial rent roll

  • How to use networks and databases for commercial agency business growth

  • Maintaining the professional development of your team

TOPIC – Build Your Commercial Business by Taking Care of the Important Detail

This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Commercial Sales and Leasing Administration

  • Commercial Property Management and Lease Administration

  • Commercial Property Management Procedures, Templates and Checklists

  • Documentation – Sales, Leasing and Management Authorities

  • Fees and Fee Structures

  • Maintaining the Professional Development of Your Team

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