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Simplifying Commercial Property Management & Lease Administration in a Post-2020 World

DESCRIPTION This one-day, two-part workshop simplifies property management & lease administration for all types of commercial property in the aftermath of the unprecedented events of 2020. Focusing on best practice & risk minimisation, it includes up-to-date information & invaluable tips on key fundamentals such as documentation, business systems & industry practice, updates on recent legal precedents, and strategies critical to addressing knowledge gaps, ensuring agencies remain competitive & at the forefront of a dynamic industry.

This workshop is recommended for:

  • Commercial property managers wanting to refresh or expand their knowledge of commercial property management

  • Residential property managers who manage commercial property

Geelong Workshop


Date & Time

Thursday, 27 May 2021

10:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST


Novotel Geelong

10-14 Eastern Beach Road,


Part One of this workshop covers the fundamentals of commercial property & establishing the solid business systems & procedures essential to best practice, including:

  • Understanding commercial property types & the respective legislative & regulatory framework they operate within

  • The tenancy life cycle for both retail & non-retail tenancies

  • Impact of recent legal precedents & changes in legislation

  • Tips on setting up efficient, responsive, real-time business systems & practices that support industry best practice, promote compliance & minimise risk in lease administration

  • Identifying knowledge gaps & addressing these through updating, expanding & reconfiguring current knowledge & skill set

Part Two delves into the complexities of commercial & retail leases & associated lease-party relationships, including franchisors, franchisees, licensees, head tenants, subtenants & tenant managing agents, clarifying & simplifying the commercial property manager’s role through understanding:

  • The relationships & responsibilities of all parties to a lease

  • The role of a tenant managing consultant / agent

  • Franchise leases, including step in rights & deeds

  • Subleases & head leases

  • License agreements & side agreements & their use

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

Testimonial: Simplifying Commercial Property Management & Lease Administration in a Post-2020 World

Bendigo 22 April 2021

"Wendy’s workshops are great. They assist us to refresh and reaffirm our knowledge base. Wendy is a wealth of knowledge and we always walk away with new knowledge that is practical and essential to our roles.”

Joseph Eaton - Tweed Sutherland First National 

Workshops Held:        Bendigo 22 April 2021     Wodonga 29 April 2021

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Thursday, 14 October 2021
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm


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Location: Sandhurst Club

75 Sandhurst Blvd,

Sandhurst VIC 3977


WORKSHOP: Commercial Lease Preparation Essentials

Learn how to prepare a commercial retail or non-retail lease subject to Victorian legislation. Covers all aspects of the commercial lease preparation process from initial lease terms negotiation to the completion & execution of required documentation, how to avoid critical errors, and the impact of recent legislative changes & legal precedents on commercial leasing.

This workshop is for:

  • Commercial property managers wanting to refresh or expand their knowledge of commercial property management

  • Residential property managers who manage commercial property or are considering a move into this field

  • Investors & financial advisers working with commercial property

  • Instructing solicitors for lease preparation

  • Avoiding critical errors in lease preparation & instruction

  • Signing & execution of lease documentation

  • Recent legislative changes & legal precedents

This workshop covers:

  • Types of commercial leases

  • Completing due diligence on key information to complete a commercial lease

  • Letters of offer/heads of agreement to lease

WORKSHOP: Commercial Property Sales, Leasing & Property Management Minimising Risk to Build Your Business Income

This session will cover best practice & risk minimisation in listing for commercial sales, leasing & property management along with updates on recent legal precedents, knowledge gaps, documentation & industry practices.

  • Will answer the question “Why it is critical to understand which type commercial property or tenant is legislated by the Retail Leases Act 2003 & the associated potential legal risks in sales, leasing & property management.”

  • A refresher on key fundamentals for those already working in the commercial agency or new knowledge for those who wish to move into commercial property.

WORKSHOP: How to Build a Commercial Rent Roll & Commercial Sales Business

Covers the following topics:

  • First steps to building a commercial sales & leasing business

  • Understanding the differences between residential & commercial practice

  • Definition: What is a commercial property?

  • Challenges in dealing with commercial property

  • Purchasing a commercial rent roll – risks vs. benefits

  • How to achieve organic growth of your commercial rent roll

  • How to use networks & databases for commercial agency business growth

  • Maintaining the professional development of your team

WORKSHOP: Build Your Commercial Business by Taking Care of the Important Detail

Covers the following topics:​

  • Commercial sales & leasing administration

  • Commercial property management & lease administration

  • Commercial property management procedures, templates & checklists

  • Documentation – sales, leasing & management authorities

  • Fees & fee structures

  • Maintaining the professional development of your team

To book any of these workshops for your agency, franchise or marketing group please email events@wendywho.com.au or contact Wendy Thomson to discussed tailoring workshops to suit your requirements