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Hosted by Wendy Thomson, WendyWho? Upskilling for Commercial Property People & Lauren Kelindeman, Manager Associate from Legalite.


Wendy Thomson & Lauren Kelindeman demystify the Victorian Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme & offer a best-practice approach to understanding the legal & practical implications of these complex regulations, helping agencies minimise risk, manage workloads & ultimately, reduce stress. Focusing on the necessity for clear & consistent communication with landlord & tenant clients, this workshop explores critical events in the rent relief process & uses real-life scenarios to illustrate how to minimise loss of income to both landlord clients & agencies.

Zoom Seminar:Unravelling the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (Victoria) for Commercial Property Managers"

September 2021 (two sessions held):

Zoom Seminar:Commercial Lease Preparation Essentials"

August 2021

Understand the preparation of a commercial retail or non-retail lease subject to Victorian legislation. Covered all aspects of the commercial lease preparation process from initial lease terms negotiation to the completion & execution of required documentation, how to avoid critical errors, and the impact of recent legislative changes & legal precedents on commercial leasing.

Regional Workshops:Simplifying Commercial Property Management & Lease Administration in a Post-2020 World"

April & May 2021 - Bendigo, Wodonga, Geelong:

This one-day, two-part workshop simplifies property management & lease administration for all types of commercial property in the aftermath of the unprecedented events of 2020. Focusing on best practice & risk minimisation, it includes up-to-date information & invaluable tips on key fundamentals such as documentation, business systems & industry practice, updates on recent legal precedents, and strategies critical to addressing knowledge gaps, ensuring agencies remain competitive & at the forefront of a dynamic industry.

Testimonial: Bendigo 22 April 2021

"Wendy’s workshops are great. They assist us to refresh and reaffirm our knowledge base. Wendy is a wealth of knowledge and we always walk away with new knowledge that is practical and essential to our roles.”

Joseph Eaton - Tweed Sutherland First National 

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May 2021 - Sandhurst Club:

Following our highly successful Upskilling series of one-day workshop & seminar events, WendyWho? Events presented Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers 5.0. An exclusive opportunity for industry practitioners to attend an intensive, information-packed event, leaving the world of Zoom behind to hear from an impressive panel of experts on a range of topics vitally important for professional currency.

Management of the Physical Asset: Chris Scully - National Technical Manager – Safety Measures, Hendry Group Pty Ltd

Legal Perspectives: Lauren Kelindeman - Associate & Wellbeing Champion, Legalite

Insurance Compliance: Anthony Ciancio – Broker, ADC Insurance Brokers

​Networking Lunch Break: Brainstorming (Group Activity) - An integral part of the program is the WendyWho? Events famous Table Scenarios that have you digging deep to solve some of the most challenging problems a CPM can face. 

Style & Presentation: Lucy Owens - Personal Stylist | Image Consultant, Style Rises

Property Management Issues & COVID-19, Risk, Upskilling: Snezana (Sue) Alavanja - Senior Portfolio Manager, Eastpoint Property Consultants​. And Wendy Thomson – Managing Director / Licensed Agent, CPMS Commercial & Lead Consultant, and WendyWho? Professional Property Consultancy​

Health & Wellbeing: Dr Johannes Maehrlein - Osteopath & Natural Health Consultant, Johannes Maehrlein Osteopathy​

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September 2019 - Sandhurst Club:

An exciting one-day seminar for forward-thinking industry practitioners looking to stay ahead of the game. An exclusive opportunity for industry professionals to learn from an impressive panel of experts & network with peers. Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers 4.0 was a one-day, intensive, information-packed event.

Small Group Workshop: “Drilling into Rent Review Methodology:
Why Accuracy Matters!”

August 2019 - St Kilda Rd Melbourne:

Understand commercial property leases & the different rent review methodologies available. Learn how to revalue & recalculate for accuracy & compliance & set up the systems & processes to run various rent reviews.

Small Group Workshop: “Drilling into the Importance of Commercial Property Inspections:
Why, How & When?"

July 2019 - St Kilda Rd Melbourne:

Understand the importance of commercial property inspections & why, how & when they should be completed. Learn how to set up systems to ensure that inspections are scheduled & completed in a timely & compliant manner. Covers conditions reports the information they should include & their important role in maintenance & repairs responsibilities, and dispute resolution.

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April 2019 - Sandhurst Club:

An exciting one-day seminar for forward-thinking industry practitioners looking to stay ahead of the game​. The day covered topics on Management of the Physical Asset, Commercial Lease Administration (legal perspectives), Dispute Resolution for Retail Tenants & Landlords, Positioning Yourself in the Market, Health & Wellbeing. 

Small Group Workshop “Drilling into Retail Leases Disclosure Statements"

March 2019 - St Kilda Rd Melbourne:

Working through four types of Retail Leases Act 2003 Disclosure Statements to understand the 

information which must be included to comply with the Act & to assist with Property Management & Lease Administration.

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September 2018 - Sandhurst Club:

Following the success of the inaugural UpSkilling Event held in April 2018, a second opportunity was provided for industry professionals to learn from an impressive line-up of experts & to network with like-minded peers. Another one-day, intensive, informational seminar with plenty of opportunity for questioning & analytical problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, networking & inspiration for commercial property managers.

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April 2018 - Sandhurst Club:

A one-day, intensive, informational seminar with plenty of opportunity for questioning & analytical problem-solving, enabling Commercial Property Managers to expand their knowledge & skills & excel in their current roles & career. A series of presentations on challenging aspects of Commercial Property Management & Lease Administration, focusing on dealing with difficult, stressful & challenging situations & people. The formal seminar included several speaker presentations, a table-group scenario activity & a discussion panel. Expert presenters spoke on a range of topics relevant to the profession.