May 2020 

February 2020 - Wodonga:

This workshop covered best practice and risk minimisation in commercial property management, including key fundamentals such as documentation, business systems and industry practices, updates on recent legal precedents, and strategies to address knowledge gaps critical to remaining competitive and at the forefront of a dynamic industry.


Comments from Attendees:

  • Excellent as per usual!

  • Very insightful

  • Very information again – still have lots to learn

  • Awesome session

  • Excellent content

  • Really enjoy Wendy’s presentations – very knowledgeable and fantastic recommendations

  • Excellent depth of knowledge and experience shared with the group

  • Information session – very easy to listen to and follow

  • Always great information provided. It really lets us know what we are doing is right.

September 2019 - Sandhurst Club:

An exciting one-day seminar for forward-thinking industry practitioners looking to stay ahead of the game. An exclusive opportunity for industry professionals to learn from an impressive panel of experts and network with peers. Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers 4.0 is a one-day, intensive, information-packed event.

August 2019 - St Kilda Rd Melbourne:

Understand commercial property leases and the different rent review methodologies available. Learn how to revalue and recalculate for accuracy and compliance and set up the systems and processes to run various rent reviews.

Small Group Workshop “Drilling into Rent Review Methodology:

Why Accuracy Matters!”

July 2019 - St Kilda Rd Melbourne:

Small Group Workshop Drilling into the Importance of Commercial Property Inspections: Why, How and When?

Understand the importance of commercial property inspections and why, how and when they should be completed. Learn how to set up systems to ensure that inspections are scheduled and completed in a timely and compliant manner. Covers conditions reports – the information they should include and their important role in maintenance and repairs responsibilities, and dispute resolution.

April 2019 - Sandhurst Club:

An exciting one-day seminar for forward-thinking industry practitioners looking to stay ahead of the game​. The day covered topics on Management of the Physical Asset, Commercial Lease Administration (legal perspectives), Dispute Resolution for Retail Tenants and Landlords, Positioning Yourself in the Market, Health and Wellbeing. 


Comments from Attendees:

  • Catering was excellent with quality healthy options. Yum! Great venue for a full day seminar.

  • Thank you Wendy and your team. Another informative seminar. So good to have a seminar just for Commercial Property Managers - an area often overlooked and greatly needed in this industry!! Thank you.

March 2019 - St Kilda Rd, Melbourne:

Small Group Workshop ”Drilling into Retail Leases Disclosure Statements“

Working through four types of Retail Leases Act 2003 Disclosure Statements to understand the 

information which must be included to comply with the Act and to assist with Property Management and Lease Administration.

Comments from Attendees:

  • Small group workshops are very beneficial and a great idea.

  • Its good to do 'Refreshers' as well as cover common topics.

September 2018 - Sandhurst Club:

Following the success of the inaugural UpSkilling Event held in April 2018, a second opportunity was provided for industry professionals to learn from an impressive line-up of experts and to network with like-minded peers. Another one-day, intensive, informational seminar with plenty of opportunity for questioning and analytical problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, networking and inspiration for commercial property managers.

Comments from Attendees:

  • It was interesting to hear about the messes that tenancies can get into.

  • All members (of the discussion panel) were very personable, down-to-earth and interesting.

  • Enjoyed it thoroughly!

  • Lovely location – great food – awesome day!

  • Thank you for a well-organised, educational event.

  • Hearing about and listening to real-life experiences brings things into reality.

April 2018 - Sandhurst Club:

A one-day, intensive, informational seminar with plenty of opportunity for questioning and analytical problem-solving, enabling Commercial Property Managers to expand their knowledge and skills and excel in their current roles and career. A series of presentations on challenging aspects of Commercial Property Management and Lease Administration, focusing on dealing with difficult, stressful and challenging situations and people. The formal seminar included several speaker presentations, a table-group scenario activity and a discussion panel. Expert presenters spoke on a range of topics relevant to the profession.

Paid-up members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) are eligible to receive eight (8) continuing professional development (CPD) points for attendance at Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers Events.


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