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Does your agency meet your Commercial Property Investment client expectations?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Commercial Property Investment is a business, which requires a return on the original investment.

Investor expectation is a return in the form of rental income and then a profit on the sale.

A commercial property investor expects by engaging a property manager particularly a commercial property manager who market their services and expertise will:

  • Maximise the return on their investment;


  • Minimise risks associated with the management of the investment.

Are They Expecting Too Much? NO!

What an Investor Should Get!

  • Well trained Commercial Property Managers

  • Clear and transparent communication with landlords and tenants

  • Strong property management systems and processes

  • Clear reporting protocols

  • Ongoing personal and professional development plans for all CPM’s


  • Leaving the management and responsibility for their valuable investments with untrained, unmanaged and uninterested “Property Managers”.

  • Being treated as a number and not a valuable client.

  • Dealing with consistent errors and lack of understanding on correcting these errors, which impact their investments.

Good practice from a management level is to review your property management rent roll and operations from all aspects, income of course but relationships, level and consistency of customer service.

WendyWho? Professional Property Services can assist with a friendly commercial property management systems review and tailored training for your agency team.

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