• Wendy Thomson

Insurances Commercial Property Landlords and Tenants

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In recent years we have witnessed severe storms and rain events which occurred around most of Victoria and New South Wales. The subsequent damage to building and property along with the potential for delays with repairs, due to massive workload of contractors, along with insurance claims to be finalised is not something landlords and tenants would wish to repeat anytime soon!

It would be timely annually for commercial property owners, business owners and tenants to review their insurance coverage. Landlords and tenants as a first point of call should refer to their lease documentation as this will provide the level and type of insurance to be held under the terms of the agreement. This insurance coverage should be a minimum and then advice sought from an insurance broker as to additional cover to suit each individuals property or business situation.

Property Owners should cover their buildings, any landlord fixtures and fittings, plant and equipment breakdown and often take loss of rent and cover for a number of events as a minimum. Tenants need to adequately cover all of their contents along with any other insurance such as public liability and sometimes plate glass.

Any serious events where water or other damage to a tenant’s fixtures, fittings, plant or equipment occurs, the tenant needs to make a claim on their insurance. The Landlord generally claims for any storm damage based on the cover they hold. This may seem rather difficult to understand as many cases the water has penetrated the landlord’s building but the tenant has experienced damage. The insurance companies generally work out any claims between them.

Once you have reviewed your insurance requirements under the terms of your lease, seek advice from an experienced insurance broker or agent to provide advice on your business situation.

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