• Wendy Thomson

My Vision for the future in the Commercial Property Industry

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I envisage a future where cohesion, collaboration and communication are the hallmarks of an industry that strives for excellence in delivering optimum outcomes for clients, agencies and the industry as a whole. A future where:

  • Instead of being isolated in individual or agency silos constantly working to ‘reinvent the wheel’, all commercial property agents, property managers, sales and leasing agents, agency principals and vitally important administration teams work together for the betterment of their clients, their agencies and the industry itself.

  • We have the technology, tools, systems, processes and knowledge to meet any challenge put to our teams.

  • Investment property clients engage agents with an expectation they will deliver a solid capital investment and a secure income stream – and that expectation is met.

  • All completed sales and leasing deals progress to an exclusive agency property management, with clients remaining with the one agency long term.

  • The work agents do is valued and agents are treated as valuable assets by their agency principals and managers.

  • Agency personnel stay long term with an agency and expand their knowledge, giving their clients the benefit of their expertise and the stability of a long-term relationship.

  • Agents support one another irrespective of gender in an atmosphere of mutual respect, crucial to which is the unconditional acceptance that it is not a man’s world but a shared world.

  • The value of wisdom is defined by experience not gender, and it is simply a case of ‘if they do not have wisdom – then do not listen!’

  • There is a continual hunger for knowledge and a practice of ongoing personal and professional development, which is applauded and supported by agency teams and principals.

  • Our careers are exciting and we are smiling in anticipation of every day and the rewards it can bring.

A future like this will yield higher levels of competence and professionalism, leading to improved industry reputation, optimum outcomes for clients and ultimately, to the delivery of increased income for agencies.

Is this vision of the future possible? Yes, it is!

HOWEVER, to make this vision a reality, we need to raise the bar and set the standards of professional practice at the highest level possible. To set standards and to ensure that we deliver consistently on those standards, access to appropriate training and professional and personal development programs is imperative. But if we are to undertake the journey to this future, the first step is to unite to become a strong, cohesive representative real industry organisation for all members.

Author: Wendy Thomson

Email: wthomson@wendywho.com.au

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