• Wendy Thomson

Professional Development for Commercial Property Managers

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

As a commercial property agent, consultant and trainer specialising in commercial property management and lease administration, I am regularly shocked by the serious mistakes property managers make. While many are ‘experienced’ Commercial Property Manager's (CPM's), in that they have been in the role a long time, they fail to reinforce that experience with regular training to refresh their knowledge, expand their skills and keep abreast of industry changes and best practice.

Commercial property management is a dynamic environment with a strong legal focus and a requirement for service excellence, so operating on the simple philosophy “You don’t know what you don’t know”, is not a substitute for knowledge! All CPMs MUST understand commercial property leases and their administration and management. Reading and understanding a lease is a fundamental skill. It is also critical to the CPM’s role of ensuring that both landlord and tenant comply with all terms and conditions agreed in a lease.

Wendy Who? has long been aware of the lack of superior quality training for professionals working in the commercial property management arena. Our one-day workshop event, Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers, is held bi-annually and offers a range of industry experts discussing the hot topics critical to filling those knowledge gaps and honing those all-important CPM skills. Next event for your diary is 6th May 2021.

Plan a Professional Development Program for your team or as an individual - WendyWho can provide training and professional development to your team or as one-on-one training and/or mentoring. Contact wthomson@wendywho.com.au to enquire on what might suit you.

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