I am pleased to provide this brief testimonial for Wendy Thomson.


I first met Wendy after attending several training sessions at the REIV, focused on commercial property management.  At that time, I was employed by a franchised residential agency with a commercial rent roll, and was still relatively new to commercial property management. Previously my career in real estate was in residential property management.


With the support of my employer I was able to work with Wendy, in an on-going mentoring relationship for more than 2 years.  I only stopped working with Wendy when I changed employers in late 2018.  I can confidently assert that the work I did with Wendy was instrumental in preparing me for the much bigger role I now have with a major Commercial Real Estate Agency.


Wendy and I covered a wide range of topics while working together, some of the key topics include:

  • The importance of striving for “best practices” in commercial management;

  • Adopting a proactive approach to risk management, for your client.

  • The multi-layers and complexity of commercial property management make it essential to “step-back” from the day to day issues, and to take a more strategic approach that will deliver great results for clients

  • Commercial property management is dynamic, so it is essential to continually learn and develop skills to be successful


On a more personal level, Wendy was outstanding in providing me with the supportive and encouragement to continue to learn, develop and to seek out opportunities to grow as an industry professional and as a person.


At all times Wendy was professional in her approach and maintained a good balance between working on my goals and on those of my employer.


I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone keen to develop the skills and tools to be successful in their real estate careers.

Hannah - Ivanhoe

Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising and having us along at Upskilling for Commercial Property Managers 4.0. Of all the events of yours I have attended, I felt yesterdays provided a shift in my own personal growth vision and I enjoyed it immensely. Marks’ presentation was interesting and informative, I could pick his brain for hours and Johannes' presentation was both eye opening (as usual) but also very scary and hit home with regards to stress, our work load and the impact on the simplest pleasures. It resulted in a family discussion about sharing the load, all of our work/school life balance, sleep and just sharing many of the stories from the day….as well as downloading a meditation app, woo hoo! On the plus plus side (there is no "minus" side), we all got up in the office a few moments ago and did some of the movement exercises and stretching and I feel it’s going to be a glorious day ahead. Thanks again to you and your team for a wonderful and informative day.


Best Regards,

Sue -  EastPoint Property Consultants