WendyWho? Workshops

for Commercial Property Managers

WORKSHOP: Upskilling for Commercial Property Management

Available as a Zoom Training Session & can be tailored to suit small or larger groups. Also available as a training video.

Overview: This workshop covers best practice & risk minimisation in commercial property management, including key fundamentals such as documentation, business systems & industry practices, updates on recent legal precedents, and strategies to address knowledge gaps critical to remaining competitive & at the forefront of a dynamic industry.

This workshop is for:

  • Commercial property managers wanting to refresh or expand their knowledge of commercial property management

  • Residential property managers who manage commercial property or are considering a move into this field

This workshop covers:

  • Understanding the commercial property management lifecycle for both retail & non-retail tenancies

  • Setting up efficient, responsive, real-time business systems & practices that support industry best practice, promote compliance & minimise risk in lease administration

  • Recent legal precedents & their impact

  • Identifying knowledge gaps & addressing these through updating, expanding & reconfiguring current knowledge & skill sets

There will be a Q & A session at the end of the workshop.

Cost: from $220.00 per person inclusive of GST (discount for larger groups)

To Book: events@wendywho.com.au

WORKSHOP SERIES: Drilling into Listing & Leasing Commercial Property 

TOPIC: Drilling into Retail Leases Disclosure Statements

Work through the four types of Retail Leases Act 2003 Disclosure Statements to understand the information which must be included to comply with the Act & to assist with Property Management & Lease Administration.

Understand commercial property leases & the different rent review methodologies available. Learn how to revalue & recalculate for accuracy & compliance & set up the systems & processes to run various rent reviews.

TOPIC: Drilling into Rent Review Methodology: Why Accuracy Matters!

TOPIC: Drilling into the Importance of Commercial Property Inspections: Why, How & When?

Understand the importance of commercial property inspections & why, how & when they should be completed. Learn how to set up systems to ensure that inspections are scheduled & completed in a timely & compliant manner. Covers conditions reports – the information they should include & their important role in maintenance & repairs responsibilities, and dispute resolution.

TOPIC: Drilling into Commercial & Retail Lease Conditions: Why they are Essential & When to Include Them

This workshop focuses on commercial leases & the general, special, and additional conditions that can be included, and why their inclusion is critical to good commercial property management.

TOPIC: Drilling into Commercial & Retail Lease Preparation (Vicforms): what are the components of a retail & commercial lease?

Understand the components of retail & commercial leases & how to read & understand.

Learn how to provide instructions to solicitors for preparation of lease documentation or use the REIV Vicforms templates to prepare commercial & retail leases.

To book any of these workshops for your agency, franchise or marketing group please email events@wendywho.com.au or contact Wendy Thomson to discussed tailoring workshops to suit your requirements